Preschool worksheets for the letter W

Learning the alphabet is the foundation of teaching children to read and write. Our preschool worksheets for the letter W are the ideal tool to do this in a fun and educational way!

We have a good range of designs that reinforce the learning of the letter. You may choose worksheets that allow children to copy, trace and draw the letter W, with plenty of space for them to practise writing the letter themselves.

There are also worksheets that encourage children to recognise the letter W, by colouring them in, and to be able to identify objects and items that begin with the letter W.

Our alphabet worksheets are suitable for all young educational settings, such as preschools, nurseries, primary schools, and for homeschooling. They can even be used at home for a fun and educational activity.

You can choose as many of our designs as you like – perhaps start with some of the simpler worksheets, with colouring, and progress through them all! You can print them as many times as you like. However please keep the designs for yourself and do not share them with others. If you like what you find on our website, then please recommend us!

Letter W worksheets for Preschool

Take a look at our beautiful prints, which we also offer:

Letter W worksheets with colouring

We just love these cute whales! They make for a great colouring activity while still teaching children the letter W.

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