Weekly Free Printable Calendars

Our range of weekly free printable calendars are ideal to use to keep track of your time and activities each week.

Each design gives you the opportunity to note down your ‘must-do’ tasks each day to ensure a smooth-running, enjoyable week. Some of our calendars also give you the chance to make some notes, add in goals you would like to achieve, reminders, and even prioritise different tasks.

Each of our planners is free, and instantly downloadable – no need to sign up or subscribe.

You can choose as many of the designs as you like, and print as many as you need, but please keep them for your own use – we ask that you do not share them. If you love our calendars, then please share our website instead. www.planprepareprint.com.

Simple Weekly free printable Calendars

If you are looking for a plain, simple, no-fuss weekly planner or calendar then these are for you!

They give you the space to note down your task, chores, or ‘to-do’s’ for the day, with a little space for notes.

These designs are suitable for any week, or any month of the year. You could choose to just print one for a particularly busy week, or print off enough to last you through a month or year, to create a diary or calendar!

This lovely simple design is one of our favourites. It is a plain but effective design and not only allows you to fill in your tasks for the day but gives you a to-do list to tick off during the week and a space for your goals.

To-do list

So why include a to-do list in your weekly planner? Even though you may have daily tasks, activities, or appointments on your calendar, there are always extra things that you want or need to get done during the week.

Rather than clogging up each day with these tasks – and then having to cross them out and re-write them the next day…..having a separate list of your ‘to-do’s’ is a better way to organise your week.

This gives you the chance to complete the tasks with no pressure put on you on one particular day. And it is very satisfying to tick them off when you have completed each one!

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Weekly goals

This is an excellent addition to your weekly planner as you add in things that you would like to get done or achieve during the week. This is a great opportunity to improve good (or bad) habits, such as drinking enough water, exercise sessions, or eating habits.

If you have these items written down then it is much easier and more likely that you will achieve them.

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Alternative Weekly Calendars

The following designs still look great and are still simple but give you some different options for your weekly plan.

You can add in daily tasks and activities to ensure you do important things each day and can keep track of your habits, such as eating your 5 a day, doing some exercise, or drinking water.

For those of you that like to be more precise with your day, and ensure all activities, tasks and time is accounted for, this weekly calendar is for you!

This schedule allows you to plan your day to the hour and ensure that nothing overlaps and that you get to all your appointments or achieve your tasks on time.

Rather than an actual calendar, this planner allows you to insert different tasks and activities that you need to achieve during the week. You can either choose to tick the day of the week you intend to complete the job or tick it off as you complete it. Either way, at the end of the week, you can see how well you have done with your activities!

We think this style is great to see the progress of your weekly tasks, activities, and chores and allow you to congratulate yourself if you have everything ticked off, or spur you on to do better the next week!

These cute weekly calendars give lots of choices of how to plan your week! list your priorities so you achieve the important things during your week, and note down appointments that you must keep.

Daily tasks can be inserted into the daily sections, and if there is anything you don’t achieve you can remind yourself to get to it next week!

Simply choose your colour and print!

Bullet Journal Style Weekly Calendars

If you keep a bullet journal, then these style calendars may fit right in. With their ‘box a day’ styles, they are reminiscent of many bullet journals, and self-drawn calendars.

If drawing and designing is not your thing, then simply use our designs here!

How to plan a productive week

Follow these tips to get the most from your time.


What are the most important tasks that you must achieve this week? Start with these. But rather than having a huge list here, give yourself the top 3 things your want to achieve each day.

These could be appointments or tasks that have to absolutely be done that day – like paying a bill for example or could be something that you want o achieve for yourself, like an exercise or meditation session or drinking 8 glasses of water.

Any more than 3 priorities each day may become overwhelming and may then not get completed – which then can lead to de-motivation or a sense of failure.

Set Goals

Setting yourself some goals each day or each week is a great way to keep on track with your habits – either to improve good habits or to get rid of bad habits. Or to simply get things on your priority list ticked off.

A goal is something that you want to achieve during the week. It could be a short-term goal; to give your mum a call for example. Or something more long-term, that could appear on your goal list on a weekly basis, such as an exercise or food goal.

Be realistic

Even though you may have several tasks to accomplish or many activities during a week, it is important that you are realistic. If you add too many objectives, to your weekly calendar, then you risk being overwhelmed and not getting anything done.

Be sensible when you are completing your weekly calendar. Firstly, add in the things that you have to do; work, after-school clubs, evening events, etc, so you remember that you have them. Then see how much time you have left during each day, to set your next priorities and goals.

If you have a particularly busy day, then you may not fit much else in, in terms of your personal goals. Judge each day and be realistic, so you don’t get burnt out!


On busy days you may want to avoid distractions so that you accomplish your tasks and activities. Plan the day and allocate time slots for each task by using our hourly planner above. This way you won’t get consumed by one thing and never get to anything else!

This will give you a very productive day, and you will hopefully achieve many things.

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