The letter S worksheets

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Teach your children how to read and write the letter S with the letter S worksheets we have for you here.

Choose from a range of designs to educate your children and have fun at the same time. There is the opportunity to draw, trace and copy the letter s. There is also lots of space for your children to practice the letter themselves.

On some of the worksheets, there is the chance to have some colouring fun, while identifying some objects that start with the letter S. This will reinforce the learning of the letter and subsequently reading and writing.

Learning the letters of the alphabet is the starting point for reading and writing, and these worksheets make this task easy and fun.

You can use our letter S worksheets in nursery or preschool settings, for homeschooling, or simply for an educational and fun activity to do at home.

Choose as many of the designs as you like and print them as many times as you wish, but we do ask that you keep them for your own use only. If you like what we do then please recommend our website to others.

The Letter S Worksheets for Education

This set of worksheet designs is more educational, but children can still learn in an enjoyable and fun way!

They can have plenty of opportunities to learn the shape of the letter s, by tracing, drawing, and copying the letter. They can also start to identify the letter S and point to – and colour in – things that begin with S

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Letter S worksheets with colouring

Here you will find a simpler set of worksheets, with the chance to do some colouring while still, very much, focusing on the letter S.

The following are cute and fun designs of things that begin with the letter S – a lovely colouring-in activity for your little ones to enjoy while identifying letter S objects!

How cute are these little sheep? Print out 1 or more and create some unique wall art!

A more challenging colouring-in sheet here – to hone colouring skills, for stress relief, or simply for fun!

Big or small strawberries – the choice is yours! Will you colour them traditional red, or go with a riot of different colours?

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