The letter o worksheets for preschool

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The letter O worksheets for preschool we have for you here, are educational and fun and an ideal starting point for teaching children how to read and write the letters of the alphabet.

We have a wide range of designs to encourage children to write, copy and trace the letter O, as well as plenty of opportunities to recognise the letter O too.

Young children will love these worksheets, as an easy, educational and fun activity. They will also be able to identify objects and animals that begin with the letter O, and once the worksheets are complete get the chance to colour in these objects.

Our letter o worksheets are suitable for use in pre-schools, nurseries, for homeschooling, or just for use at home to encourage children to read and write and fill in times of boredom!

You can choose as many of the designs as you like, and print them as many times as you wish, but please keep the worksheets for your use – please do not share them. If you like what we do and would like to recommend us, then please pass on our website instead!

The Letter o worksheets for preschool

This set of worksheets are a great start for children learning the letters of the alphabet. Choose to trace, draw or copy the letters, and encourage the children to point out and say the different objects and animals that they see beginning with O.

There is also a chance for some colouring fun in between the learning!

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Letter O worksheets with colouring

These designs are much easier and encourage more colouring in, while still learning the letter O, and identifying the letter as well as animals that begin with the letter O.

We just love these cute octopuses (or is it octopi?!). Children can use their creative talents to colour them all in – either one colour, or an array of different colours! Print more than one and use them as unique wall art – ideal for your underwater-loving little ones!

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