The Letter E Worksheets for pre-school

Mini letter E worksheets laying flat with a title across

The letter E worksheets you will find here, are ideal for use at preschool, nurseries, or indeed for fun activities at home!

We offer a range of ways to teach children how to read and write the letter E. You could choose copying and tracing the shape of the letter, recognising the letter in words, or some more simple colouring activities. Whichever you choose, they are sure to keep your children happy, entertained, and focused on learning.

The designs for the letter E worksheets can be used in a preschool, nursery, for home-schooling, or simply for an activity at home.

You can download as many designs as you want and print as many as you need, but we do ask that you do not share the designs. If you like what we do and wish to inform others, then please point them in our direction!

Letter E Worksheets for Education

This set of worksheets is ideal for teaching children about the letter E. They give the opportunity to learn the shape of the letter by tracing and copying both upper and lower case letters.

In addition, there is the chance of getting to recognise the letter by identifying words that begin with E and looking for the letter in words and pictures.

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Letter C Worksheets with colouring

This set of designs is a little more simple. They still work closely with the letter E, so your children can recognise the letter and point it out, but gives more colouring fun at the same time. They will also learn objects and things that begin with the letter E.

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