The Letter D Worksheets

Mini letter D worksheets laying flat with the label 'the letter D worksheets'

The letter D worksheets that you will find here, will make learning to read, write and recognise the letter d fun, for your children and pupils!

Teaching the letters of the alphabet is the starting point to learning to read and write effectively and you are sure to find an activity here that your child will enjoy.

Choose from tracing and copying the letters to recognising the letter and objects that begin with the letter d, or more simple colouring exercises that allow the child to be creative and have fun while learning.

You can use the letter d worksheets for any purpose, for home use and home-schooling, or in your schools or nurseries.

Our designs are completely free and once you click on download, you will get instant access to download and print. You can choose as many designs as you like and print as many as you want, but please keep the designs for your use, and do not share the pdf with anyone else. If you wish to let others know about our designs, then simply point them in our direction!

The Letter D Worksheets

This range of worksheets are ideal to get children to learn the shape of the upper and lower letter d. There is plenty of opportunities to draw, trace and copy the letters as well as start to recognise the letter itself.

There is also the chance to identify the letter on its own or within words or pictures, in addition to some colouring fun, when interest begins to wain!

Copy and draw the letter D worksheet
Trace the letter D and circle the objects worksheet
Copy, trace and draw the letter d
Colour and trace the letter d worksheet

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Circle the letter d in words worksheet
Colour the letter D worksheet

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Letter D colouring

For a bit more light-hearted learning, these letter d worksheets, mainly involve colouring opportunities for your children, while also beginning to recognise the letter d and things that start with it.

D is for dog single
D is for dog multiple
D is for dinosaur single
D is for dinosaur multiple
D is for duck single
D is for duck multiple

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