Letter U worksheets for pre-school

A flat lay phot of Letter U worksheets for preschool, with a banner across.

Our letter U worksheets for pre-school can also be used in nurseries, for homeschooling, or for use at home.

They are the perfect tool to start teaching your children how to read and write the letters of the alphabet. The worksheets are fun and educational!

We have a variety of designs, that allow children to learn to write the shape of the letter U; they can copy, draw and trace the letter. Alongside these, there is also the opportunity to identify objects that begin with the letter U, as well as being able to recognise the letter itself.

Learning the letters of the alphabet is the foundation for your children to be able to read and write and these worksheets help you do that. best of all they are free and come with an instant download – no need to subscribe or sign up!

For younger children – or to give some relief from learning – there are also some colouring pages, all still focused on the letter U.

You can choose as many of the designs as you like, and print them as many times as you wish. However, please keep them for your use, and do not share them. We would like you to recommend us, so please pass on our website to address instead. www.planprepareprint.com

Letter U worksheets

Some great educational designs here, that encourage your children to read and write the letter U.

Take a look at our beautiful prints, that we also offer:

Letter U Colouring worksheets

We still focus on learning the letter U here, but in a simpler way. Younger children can have fun colouring in while recognising which objects begin with the letter U.

We just love these little unicorns!! How sweet are they? These designs make for some great wall art.

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