free Letter M worksheets for preschool

Mini letter M worksheets laying flat with  letter m banner across.

Our free letter M worksheets are an ideal tool for young children to start their journey of learning the alphabet.

Learning to write the shape of letters is a crucial first step to being able to write and being able to recognise the letters is the start of learning to read.

These letter M worksheets give children the opportunity to draw, trace and copy the letter M, both in upper and lower case, as well as recognising the letter M and identify some objects and words that begin with the letter.

We even have some more simple designs that encourage colouring in objects that begin with M, so more suitable for younger children or to simply provide some fun activity to ease boredom!

Our worksheets are educational and fun, and a great first step for any nursery or preschool children to learn to read and write.

You can choose as many different designs as you like and choose to print as many times as you wish, but please keep the worksheets for yourself and do not share them. If you like what we do, then please tell people about us!

Letter M Worksheets for Preschool

This set of letter M worksheets is ideal for use in a nursery, preschool, for homeschoolers, or for simply a home activity when you are looking for something to amuse your little ones!

They can learn to copy, trace, and draw the letter M, identify objects and words that begin with the letter m, and always find some opportunities for some colouring fun!

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free letter m worksheets with colouring

This set of designs is more suitable for younger children, those who need to let off steam, or simply for colouring lovers!

Look at our cute little letter M monkeys! We just love these designs and make great colouring pages! They also make great wall art – simply print out as many as you like, colour them in and mount them on the wall, for a stunning display!

Mini monkeys!! Just too cute!

Our single-mouse and mini mice designs are simply gorgeous! Get your little ones to colour in the mice – choosing 1 o2 single, contrasting colours, or go wild, with a rainbow of colours! Either way, they make a great way to learn the letter m.

Another M animal is the moose, and we just love this little guy in these colouring designs!

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