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Learning the alphabet is the starting point for children reading and writing, and our letter A worksheets make this task much easier and more fun!

Choose from different levels and designs, or start with one and work your way through them all. They offer a variety of activities from tracing and writing upper and lower case letters, identifying the letter A, identifying objects that begin with A, and plenty of colouring opportunities to keep your little ones amused!

All our letter A worksheets are completely free and instantly downloadable – no need to even sign up!

The worksheets are for use in schools, nurseries, and at home and you can download as many as you want, as many times as you want. They are for your use only and should not be shared. If you know anyone that would benefit from our worksheets, please point them to us! www.planprepareprint.com

Letter A worksheets for learning to write

This is an ideal worksheet to start your child off with writing the letter A. This simple worksheet, allows the child to simply trace over the dots to learn the shape of the letter A – upper and lower case. As a fun extra activity they can also name the images at the bottom – and colour them in – to begin to see which words begin with A.

This worksheet allows your child to copy over the existing letters and continue along the row, writing the letters themselves. An ideal lesson in writing the letter A, simply and easily.

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With a mixture of tracing the letters and copying them, this worksheet gives plenty of scope to learn to write the letter A.

A bit of fun here – your child can begin by tracing the letter A to learn how to write the shape of the letter and continue to identify the items that begin with the letter A. Encouraging them to colour in the objects, while they are working may help keep their attention span!

Colouring in the letters is a fun activity while identifying and circling the letter A’s, will help to reinforce the learning.

Copying the letters and continuing to write along the row, really reinforces the shapes of the letters, while circling the words beginning with A, will begin to teach your child to recognise the letter A.

A nice simple, tracing and writing exercise, to help support the learning of the letter A.

By tracing all the letters in this worksheet, your child will easily become familiar with writing the shapes of the letters, along with identifying items that begin with the letter A.

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Simple ‘A’ worksheets with colouring

This set of Letter A worksheets are more simple designs, with plenty of opportunity for colouring in, while learning the letter A and some things that begin with it.

These make a good foundation for learning and are suitable for all ages but particularly pre-school and nursery.

Colour in the letter A's
A is for .....colouring page
A is for Astronaut - single
A is for Astronaut multiple
A is for aeroplane single
A is for aeroplane multiple
A is for apple single
A is for apple multiple
A is for apron

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