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Whether it’s learning how to write the letter A, becoming familiar with which words begin with A, doodling to pass the time, or creating a stunning piece of wall art for your or your children’s room, you are sure to find a suitable design with our collection of the letter A colouring pages!

We have put together a great collection of designs, which can help children with their letter A’s while having fun and being creative at the same time. In addition, we have a few fantastic letter A colouring pages, if doodling or colouring is your thing.

Choose whichever design suits you – or choose them all!

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Letter A colouring pages for Education

These pages are designed for fun and learning. They enable the child to be creative and use colour and imagination while colouring, while also becoming more familiar with the letter A and which words begin with the letter A.

Encourage your child to say the words as they colouring. Use either a block of colour within the apple or encourage them to doodle their own designs within the shape.

This design is ideal to experiment with lots of colour! You could encourage the child to use a different colour for each apple, or coordinate 2 or 3 colours throughout the design. Once completed this could make a fun piece of wall art.

Another simple design to learn ‘A’ words. Get the child to trace the letter A of Aeroplane, as an extra lesson on writing the letter A.

For your child that loves planes, this is the design for you!! Lots of colour can be used to colour the different planes, and once finished can be framed and hung on the wall.

This is such a fun design for all those space enthusiasts! This cute little Astronaut has plenty of scope for using different colours and encouraging the practice of neat colouring by staying inside the lines!

Teach your child patience by taking on this squad of astronauts! Will they use the same colour for each little spaceman, or really take their time, with different colours for each element? Either way, this should keep them amused for a while!

A simple design with another ‘A’ word to learn. Maybe a good one for those that like to help mummy in the kitchen and a perfect one to adorn the kitchen fridge when finished!

Here we have a variety of ‘A’ words to colour and learn, along with some letter A’s that can be filled in too. This is an ideal design for children to use in the classroom to encourage them to learn, spell and write the words.

Another good teaching opportunity for a variety of A words. The children can colour the letter and the image and learn how to say the words at the same time.

A good opportunity to learn both upper and lower case letters as well as recognise words beginning with A – and colouring fun!!

Colour and learn at the same time! Your children can have fun colouring in the large letters while learning to recognise both upper and lower case ‘A’s.

Teach your child to recognise the letter A by picking them out and colouring them in. You could extend the colouring activity by asking them to colour in the ‘A’s in one colour and all the other letters in another colour.

Letter A colouring pages for older children and adults

The following letter A colouring pages are purely for fun, stress relief or to bring out the artist in you! Pick your design and colour or doodle away.

The perfect blank canvas. Print as many as you want and experiment with your designs! Fill the A with doodles, lines, zig-zags, and dots….the list is endless, as are the colours you could use!

One of my favourite designs, this letter A colouring page is ideal for creative types, and for stress relief, to be able to use lots of different colours and designs. When finished, it would make a fun piece of wall art.

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A simple A that can be enhanced with bright bold colours, or kept simple with contrasting 2 colours.

Will you choose pastel pinks and lilacs for these hearts, or break with tradition and use bright, bold colours? You could even doodle or create your own designs within the hearts to make the exercise last longer and create your own unique piece of art.

Another of my favourite designs! Why not print out 3 of these, colour them in, contrasting colours, frame them, and hang them on the wall of your Alex’s, Archie’s, or even, Alice’s bedroom?

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A different design for the animal lovers among you. The colouring for this piece could be as simple or as intricate as you like.

A gorgeous letter A colouring page, which will look stunning framed and hung on the wall!

An unusual A – animals and dots without a border. Colour and leave it as it is, or add in the border – it’s up to you!

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