Free Printable Worksheets | Letter H

These free printable worksheets of the letter H are an ideal tool to help your child learn all about the letter H!

We have a range of different designs that allow children to write, read and recognise the letter h. Our worksheets make learning the letter h easy and fun. Children will learn by copying, tracing, and drawing both an upper and lower case letter h.

Choose from simple designs to allow copying and tracing, or choose a worksheet where the letter g can be identified and objects and words beginning with H can be found.

We even have some simple letter H worksheets, with opportunities for coloring in, that are sure to keep your young ones amused while learning the letter H.

Our worksheets are suitable for an education setting, such as a nursery, preschool, or for home-schooling, or can be used at home for educational fun.

You can choose as many worksheets as you wish and print them as often as you like, however, please do not share our designs. If you like what we do and would like to recommend us, then please give out our website address.

Free printable worksheets | Letter H

This set of worksheets is a great way to teach your children how to write the letter H. The letter can be copied and traced, with plenty of space to write the letter on their own. We focus on both an upper and lower case letter. There is also the opportunity to identify objects that begin with the letter h, along with recognising the letter, to help with learning.

Free printable worksheets letter H on a desk surrounded by pens and pencils

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Letter H worksheets with colouring

A more simple set of letter h worksheets that give plenty of opportunity for your little ones to colour in while learning!

These hippos, hedgehogs, and horses are some of our favourite designs! They are just so cute! They also make excellent wall art for a bedroom or nursery wall!

H is for Hedgehog prints on a nursery wall.

Take a look at our other brilliant COLOURING PAGES;

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