Free Printable Habit Trackers

Mini habit trackers, laying flat with a title across.

Our free printable habit trackers will help keep you organised, help you achieve your goals, help form healthy habits or kick unwanted ones!

I’m sure we all have things that we wish to start doing; regular exercise, healthy eating, or meditation, and sometimes it’s hard to fit it into the day, remember to do it, or have the motivation to do it. A habit tracker is a great way to make sure you get these things achieved, throughout your day, week or month.

A habit tracker can be used to form new healthy habits, or simply to ensure that you remember to do something on a daily or weekly basis – take medication, feed the cat, or do some other such task!

They are great to use with children to get them to do their homework, make their bed, clean their room or even just remember to brush their teeth! They will enjoy seeing their tasks or habits ticked off each day, and want to see the habit tracker fill up with ticks, stickers, or stamps! Our designs for children come with an extra section to fill in a reward for the end of the week, so they have something to work towards.

We have plenty of designs for monthly tracking, weekly tracking, for children, and even a couple of homework trackers – so simply take your pick, download, and print!

Our habit trackers are completely free and come with an instant download, you can choose as many as you want and print as many times as you wish. However, we do ask that you keep them for yourselves and do not share them. If you like what we do and wish to recommend us, then please tell everyone about us!

Simple habit trackers

These are our most simple tracker designs. You simply write your chosen habits in the first column and tick them off each day throughout the month. With this simple tracker, you can easily see your progress – or lack of it – which is the point of a habit tracker in the first place!

Another simple design to track the progress of the habits you want to form during any chosen month. Simply choose from a blue or pink colour scheme!

A slightly different design but on the same theme. Choose the top 6 habits that you want to form, and tick them off as the days progress.

Another simple design to track yourself week by week. This is perfect if you need to break things down and take your time to either form new habits or break old ones. Each sheet contains 2 A5 trackers, which are a good size to insert into your diary, or planner to access regularly.

Take a look at our beautiful prints that we also offer:

A nice simple weekly habit tracker, that gives plenty of space for lots of habits – you could also use this design as a to-do list.

Choose the 4 main habits that you want to form and tick them off over the course of the month. Either tick them off or use stickers or a stamper pen for a clearer view of how you are doing!

Have you got something that you really want to start doing on a regular basis? Such as meditation, a form of exercise, or a smoothie a day? Or something that you want to stop or give up; smoking or eating sweets? You can use this One Month To…. tracker to track progress for either!

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Free Printable Habit trackers for children

Using a habit tracker is a great way to get your children to form good habits, or complete tasks, throughout the week or month. With these designs you can help your child choose some habits; cleaning their teeth, making their bed, eating some fruit, etc… and they can mark them off as the week progresses.

We even have a space at the bottom of the page to add in a reward if they fill in the whole chart for the week – an extra incentive for the habits to form!

An even better way of marking the progress is to use stickers each day or colourful stamper pens.

Homework trackers for children

Our homework trackers are a great way to ensure your child gets their homework done! These bright, fun designs and encouraging words will make ticking off their homework tasks easier and they can look forward to their chosen reward at the end of the week!

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