Bullet Journal Doodle Ideas

What is A bullet Journal Doodle?

A doodle is basically anything that you fancy drawing or jotting down!

It’s a small design or shape or image that you draw while potentially doing something else – usually while waiting on the phone, during a class lesson, or taking a break from doing something more important!

A bullet journal doodle specifically is ideas and pages that you can keep or create within your bullet journal to refer to and draw whenever you feel the need.

The purposes of keeping doodle pages in your bullet journal are;

  • To express yourself at a particular point in time
  • To relieve stress and anxiety
  • To keep you occupied during difficult times
  • Helps concentration skills
  • To improve your drawing skills
  • To personalise your bullet journal
  • To use as dividers through seasons/time periods in your bullet journal

When you search for bullet journal doodles, you usually find some tutorials on drawing objects. This is great, as learning to draw is a wonderful hobby, but to me DOODLING is different – it is about jotting down your own creations, inspirations, and emotions.

Although we do have some links to ‘how to draw’ bullet journal doodles in this post, we are giving some ideas and inspiration for your own doodles.

Your bullet journal may have several sections – there are lots of different sections you can choose – and our bullet journal doodles, can be chosen to fill different sections, or if you LOVE DOODLING you may choose to have a whole section for doodling! Simply choose the designs you like, download, and print!

Our designs come 2 to a page to insert into your A5 bullet journal organiser. Simply print out and cut the page in 2.

However, we do have each design as an A4 if you have a bigger journal or just want to draw and doodle!

Bullet Journal Doodle Ideas

Here are some simple designs, to give you some ideas of doodles you can use for your bullet journal.

You can use the doodles to copy and give you inspiration for creating your own doodles, or you can print them out, insert them into your bullet journal, and colour, copy and doodle yourself.

The designs also make for great front pages for different sections of your bullet journal; Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, or Easter.

You can obviously choose to doodle, however you choose, however, what we like to do is doodle with a good pencil first, by copying the designs. A fine-nib black pen is essential for creating clear doodles and drawing, and this is the next step in creating striking doodles.

Autumn bullet journal doodle sheet laying on a table surrounded by felt tip pens.

These fine-nib felt pens are ideal for small doodles if you enjoy colouring in your doodles.

Bullet journal doodle sheets laying on a table surrounded by coloured pencils.

This set of bullet journal doodles is just for fun and can be used to refine your drawing and doodling skills. Either print, copy and colour in for your bullet journal organiser or use them as inspiration for your bullet journal.

Take a look at the beautiful prints that we also offer:

These next bullet journal doodles, give you inspiration for using extra doodles within your bullet journals. The text dividers are so pretty to use to separate your paragraphs, thoughts, or plans on a page.

The frames and wreaths are ideal to box in some text in your bullet journals – great for when you are brainstorming or an alternative way to make lists.

These are just some cute doodle sheets we just loved designing! They can slip into your journal at the appropriate times of the year and can be doodled and coloured in, whenever you feel the need!

Take a look at our other bullet journalling ideas;

Bullet Journal Doodle Tutorials

If you want to learn to draw your own doodles then take a look at these tutorials on Instagram.

We love these cute doodle tutorials by @julia. Take a look at their Instagram page for more ideas.

These brilliant bullet journal doodles are by @diemmybujo. Check out their Instagram page for more inspiration.

Cute summer doodle tutorial by @planwithady

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