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At the start of a new school year, there are so many things to be done, and so many new things to learn about your new class!

Getting familiar with students can take time – especially with a large group – and finding out their likes, dislikes, things they find difficult, etc, can be hard.

Our All About Me Worksheet Templates, make this task much easier for teachers and gives the students a unique way of expressing themselves and letting you know a little more about them.

Choose from our 12 designs, which range from simple likes and dislikes to favourite things, or you may choose a plainer design to allow older children to write a little more about themselves.

We even have 2 designs that are suited to special education needs, with space for the child to write what helps them and what they need to do in the classroom to enable them to work well.

All our designs are completely free and once you click the button, are right there for you to print. The worksheet templates can be used in a classroom setting, for private tuition, or for home-schooling. You may print as many of our designs as you like, but please keep them for yourself, and don’t share them.

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All About Me Worksheet Templates

This simple but effective design allows older children, more confident with writing, to express themselves in a freer way. Encourage the child to write anything they would like you to know or perhaps things that may help them within the classroom.

A lovely fun design that will give you the essential information you need about your class as well as keep them amused while they fill it in.

A simple format that allows the child to tell you essential information about themselves, while also adding in some fun favourites!

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Another unique design, where the children can be creative with colour, design, and answers!

Looking for something completely different? You could either get the children to provide photos, cut pictures out of magazines to describe the frames, or use their own drawing skills! Either way, they are sure to have fun while completing this template!

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A simple but effective design to allow you to get to know your students while giving them some freedom to think about their favourite things.

Another favourites All About Me template, with a twist. The children will surely have fun filling in the gaps here.

A lovely simple design with an option for some colouring when they have finished completing the template.

Have a look at our other great free printables!

All about me template for sEN

The following 2 worksheet templates are great for any child or young person but could suit those with special education needs or for those with any sort of anxiety or issues during school time.

About me templates for older children

The next 2 about me worksheets have a little more detailed information that could enable you to gain more details to help you with this child in the classroom.

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